Nature, Relaxation, Fun and Adventure that’s what Costa Rica is all about!

Sustainable TikiVillas Rainforest Eco Lodge


TikiVillas Rainforest Lodge was designed in collaboration with a leading Costa Rican architect to minimize environmental impact and to seamlessly integrate our presence with the pristine rainforest. The open-air floor plans and extensive use of natural materials allow our guests to feel part of the nature contained within our private rainforest reserve.


Built by hand over three years, without the use of heavy machinery, we protected the natural topography by elevating the villas on columns, which also enhances the views. All the furniture, doors etc. were built by local artisans out of wood that had been recycled or came from sustainable farms. Particular care was taken with drainage and lighting.


On an ongoing daily basis our commitment to sustainability is maintained with the following practices and policies:

  • We use biodegradable cleaning products
  • Low impact lighting is used so as not to affect beach turtles and the wildlife at night.
  • We recycle and compost all of our waste
  • Over 60% of the property is rainforest which is preserved and protected
  • Waste water is treated using neural bacteria and other green methods
  • Hundreds of trees and fruit plants were, and continue to be planted
  • Most of our shopping is organic and bought locally
  • Our staff are Costa Rican
  • We are part of the Project Planet™ environmental linen and towel reuse program
  • We are involved in various local community programs
  • All trails in our reserve have been carefully placed to have minimum impact.
  • No feeding of wildlife is practiced or permitted
  • Preserving and protecting over half the property as rainforest and biological corridors.
  • We minimize our sound impact, no loud music, television etc. is tolerated
  • We utilize water and energy conservation programs