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Nature, Relaxation, Fun and Adventure that’s what Costa Rica is all about!

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A delicious a la carte Breakfast is served from

7:00 AM to 11:00 AM for $8 pp + tax.
Jungle Blue Restaurant reflects our passion for local, simple, tasty and freshly prepared meals. We strive to use where possible, organic, seasonal, locally sourced produce.This includes free range chicken, responsibly caught seafood, grass-fed pasture beef, local framers market vegetables & fruits. We truly hope you enjoy our take on local dishesfrom Costa Rican & Latin America as well as a few classic options from Europe and Asia inspired and prepared by our celebrated Costa Rican chef, and complimented with a fineselection of premium beverages.As the songs of the Toucans bring on the sunset, the lounge at the Jungle Blue Club House is illuminated by candles, citronella tiki torches and indirect lighting to createa special and romantic atmosphere where you can relax, plan your next day of adventures, catch up on news with our free Wi-Fi internet.

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Jungle Blue Restaurant is open for dinner to outside guests from 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Children 14 years and above welcome.
Reservations recommendedEmail tikivillas@gmail.com or Tel +1 (713) 589-2298
Enjoy our local, simple, tasty and freshly prepared meals!
Jungle Blue Coconut Shrimp
Jungle Blue Tenderloin
Jungle Blue Fruit with Icecream
Jungle Blue Salad
Jungle Blue Pepper Steak
Jungle Blue Chicken