Hacienda Baru National Wildlife Refuge

Guided Canopy Exploration Tours

canopy tours

Hacienda Barú’s desire is to make your experience both entertaining and educational; and to deepen your appreciation for the wonders of the tropical rainforest. The Wildlife Refuge guides are sharp-eyed and well trained. The majority come from local communities that have been familiar with the flora and fauna since childhood. On all the tours the guides carry a spotting scope to help you see wildlife close up.

Rainforest Zipline Tour – “Flight of the Toucan”

Times: Monday – Sunday 8 AM / 11 AM / 2 PM
Price: $40.00 per person
Limit: 12 persons at one time

Hacienda Baru’s Rainforest Zipline Tour, imitates the flight of the chestnut-mandibled toucan, as it leaps off a branch, swoops down through the forest and then up in to another tree. On this tour, 8 separate cable rides take you from one ridge top to another, across valleys and streams. There are 14 land based platforms and 1 tree platform with a view of the coast. You will have 2 guides on this tour one of whom speaks fluent English. This is a great way to see and learn about the forest and have lots of fun at the same time.

Tree Climbing

Duration: 2 – 3 hours
Times: Monday – Saturday 8 AM / 11 AM / 2 PM
Price: $35.00 per person
Limit: 2 guests only can climb at any one time

In the Tree Climb you will scale up a rope that is fixed in the largest upper branches of a rainforest tree. This is done with specialized equipment; harnesses and ascenders. You will climb to a height of 35 meters (113 feet) where you can sit out on the branches of this beautiful rainforest tree and experience the fascinating world of the canopy. One fully-trained, English speaking naturalist guide will instruct and be with you at all times, while another guide waits on the ground. To do this tour you do need a certain level of fitness but you do not need to be strong. This is truly the best way to explore the rainforest canopy.

Canopy Observation Platform

Other tours at Hacienda Baru include: Rainforest Experience, the Mangrove Walk, A Night in The Jungle, Pre Columbian Rainforest experience, Twilight Hike, Lowland Birdwatching hike and Rainforest Bird Watching Hike


  • Professional bilingual guide
  • Park entrance fee


  • Great variety of wildlife, birds, monkeys & snakes
  • Flora, butterflies and other insects
  • Canopy zipline tour
  • Observation Platform
  • Tree climbing
  • Primary and secondary forests

What to Bring

Comfortable clothing, long trousers, hat or cap, hiking shoes, mosquito repellent, swimming suite, sunblock, sunglasses, raincoat or poncho, binoculars, camera, water bottle, towel.

About Hacienda Barú:

Hacienda Barú´s 330 hectares (815 acres) have a fantastic variety of habitats, from wetland and secondary forest in the lowlands to primary forest on the highland coastal ridge.

7 Km of walking trails and 3 Km of pristine beach are here to be explored, as well as an orchid garden and butterfly garden.

Bird Watching and Ecological Tours are our specialty. Our excellent naturalist guides will help you discover the wonders of the tropical rainforest, such as leaf cutter ants and sleepy sloths. On our tours you can experience everything from the Rainforest Canopy to Mangrove Swamps or the Jungle at Night. Their Mission is to protect the wildlife habitats of Hacienda Barú, while educating our visitors about its biological wealth.