Answering all your questions

Q.What are the entry requirements?

  • Ticket for return or onward travel.
  • The following countries do not need a Visa for stay up to 90 days for citizens from the following countries: United States of America, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France and dependences, Germany, Greece, Holland and dependencies, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Trinidad & Tobago, United Kingdom, Uruguay. Other countries may need a Visa.
  • Passport valid 6 months beyond intended stay in Costa Rica.

Q.When is the best time to travel?

Typically the travel times are categorized in three designations:

The High Season (related to the dry season or Summer, from December until March)

Peak season (Christmas, New Year and Easter)

Green Season (also called the Low/Wet Season from April until November).

The peak season is the busiest time of year with plenty of festivities. Prices in Costa Rica are higher during this time and finding accommodations is more difficult but is ideal time to visit for the largest amount of social interaction with others. The Green Season is typically less expensive, less busy, and has cooler temperatures but the tradeoff is it is common for it to rain daily in the afternoon. The High season is busier than the low season, sunny, drier, but warmer. Prices around the High season are typically higher as well.

Visiting Costa Rica year round is a good idea because each season has unique advantages.

Q.What is the time zone in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is the same as U.S. central standard/Central American time and does not observe daylight savings time.

Q.What taxes and Tips should I pay?

Travelers must be at the airport two hours before departure. There is a departure tax of U.S. $29.00. There is a 13% sales tax at hotels. Restaurants automatically add a 10% gratuity tip for service. Taxi drivers generally do not receive a tip, but they are more than happy to accept one. For tours, tip as you would normally.

Q.Is driving a good idea?

Renting a car will allow you to explore Costa Rica at your own pace and the Uvita area is best enjoyed with your own vehicle. A list of suggested car rental companies is on our “how to get here page” and National has an agency in Uvita. To rent a car you must be at least 21 years old, have a valid driver’s license and a major credit card. Auto insurance is mandatory, and is included in your contract. It is recommended that your vehicle is a 4 x 4 as many roads in Costa Rica require this.

Q.Do I need an international driver’s license to drive in Costa Rica?

No, you are allowed to drive with your normal driver’s license for three months.

Q.Do I need an electric adapter?

Outlets are 110 V, with standard US two prong plugs.

Q.Are there any cash machines (ATM)?

There are 3 ATMs in Uvita and one in Dominical

Q.Where can I change money, should I change in my home country?

Money can be changed at any of the banks in Uvita, also most places accept both USD and colones. Change is normally given in colones. The exchange rates in your home country or at the exchange desk in the airport are not good. You can use USD or withdraw colones from any cash machine.

Q.How much does it rain in the rainy season?

Generally the rain starts late afternoon finishing mid evening. Most tours and excursions are planned during the morning hours. Occasionally we have rain free days and seldom morning showers. If you are spending a couple of days you will generally be able to enjoy all your activities.

Q.What are the average temperatures?

The average temperatures year long are of 83F (28C) along the coast with average daytime temps of 31°C (88°F) and night time temperatures of 22°C (71°F).

Q.Are the local beaches safe to swim?

The beaches that are great for surfing tend to have large waves and rip currents. Near by beaches of the Marino Ballena park, Ventanas and Dominicality are safe to swim.

Q.Can I surf nearby; are there any board rentals and classes?

The beach right in front of TikiVillas Playa Hermosa de Osa is a great surfing beach as well as Dominical for more advanced surfers. There is a choice of reputable surf schools in the area, and surf instructors will take you to a local beach depending on your skill and conditions.

Q.Can I walk to the beach from TikiVillas?

Playa Hermosa de Osa bordering Marino Ballena park is right in front. You can walk via a 10 minute trail in our private rainforest preserve, drive time is a minute.

Q.What time of the year can I see whales in Uvita?

Whale seasons in the Marino Ballena National Park are from mid December to mid April and mid July to Mid November. You can find more info on this link:

Q.Is the hotel appropriate for honeymooners?

Being a small intimate hotel with a minimum age of 14, TikiVillas is the perfect venue for a honeymoon.

Q.Does Tiki Villas have a minimum age?

Tiki Villas is an adult oriented hotel so we regret that we cannot accept children under 14 years of age.

Q.Are there TV´s in the Villas or on the property?

No TV´s are in the Villas or club house. This is an opportunity to disconnect and relax in nature.

Q.Can I request a specific Villa?

We are not able to guarantee a specific Villa as that is dependent upon previous arrivals. If a request is made we can note it and if the Villa is available assign it. Al Villas have AC, spectacular views and amenities.

Q.What is the maximum number of people per Villa?

The maximum amount of guests is 2 with 2 people sharing the king size bed and two sharing the Queen size bed. We do not have or provide additional rollaway.

Q.Is smoking allowed?

No, in accordance to Costa Rican law, smoking is not allowed in the Villas, balconies or common areas.

Q.How can I communicate with my friends and family?

WiFi is available in all villas and in the club house. There is limited cell reception at Tiki Villas and unfortunately we have no land lines, however skype is available to make calls. You may also provide our email address and we can relay the message or notify you if someone is trying to reach you.

Q.Are there restaurants nearby?

Besides the Jungle Blue Restaurant at Tiki Villas, there are a hand full of restaurants in Uvita, a few in Dominical and a variety in Ojochal which is a 25 minutes drive away.

Q.Is laundry service available?

There is a laundry service available in Uvita with next day service.

Q.Do you have any final suggestions?

Costa Rica is a very safe country with a low rate of violent crime but tourists are still targeted for petty theft. It is recommended that you don’t leave personal belongings unattended or unsecured. Additionally, when visiting beach do not bring any valuables that can be taken while you swim. An extra disposable camera is recommended for these locations.

Ask your taxi driver the expected fee and if necessary get a second quote before traveling.
If visiting during the green season bring a poncho or umbrella with you.