Kermit’s Relative in the Costa Rican Rainforest

Scientists discovered a new species of frog called the Hyalinobatrachium dianae in Costa Rica, the first glass frog discovered since 1973. Similar to the glass frog, the lime-colored amphibian has translucent skin on its underside and has eyes that make it look like the famous Muppet, Kermit.

The inch-long (2.5 centimeter) amphibian, which took the Internet by storm, has bulging white eyes with perfect black pupils. Their green coloration, on the other hand, helps the nocturnal frogs stay camouflaged on the undersides of leaves during the day. The frog has a transparent belly, which makes it easy to see his internal organs.

Kermit’s new Costa Rican relative

The newfound species inhabits eastern Costa Rica’s mountainous forests, which range between 1,300 and 2,500 feet (400 to 800 meters)—prime territory for amphibians, according to biologist Steven Whitfield, who studies frogs in Costa Rica.

Frogs are threatened by habitat loss due to deforestation as well as the fungus attacks. Considering these threats, finding a new species is even more special. Whitfield, also a National Geographic grantee who was also not part of the new study said: “It’s pretty cool to see that they’ve found a new species, when there are so many that may have been lost.”

The frog was photographed by Dr. Brian Kubicki, who detailed the new species in a study with zoologist Stanley Salazar and Robert Puschendorf. According to the Costa Rican Amphibian Research Center, Dr. Kubicki named the creature after his mother, Janet Diana Kubicki.

The frog was previously missed by scientists who were studying the area, but the authors attribute this to the frog’s particular call. Dr.Kubicki says it sounds more like an insect than a frog, according to The Tico Times, a Costa Rican news site. Its call it’s like a “a single tonal long metallic whistle-like note.”

Kermit the Frog is an entertainment icon known worldwide for his appearances on The Muppet Show and Sesame Street, as well as a number of feature films. He attributes much of his success to his thirty-five year partnership with Mississippi native and entertainment visionary, Jim Henson. Kermit has received many honors and accolades for his work, including multiple Academy Award nominations, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and a commemorative stamp from the U.S. Postal Service.

Here is a lesson about The creative act of listening to a talking frog taught by our friend, Kermit.

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