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Have you heard about TikiVillas Rainforest Lodge? In case you did but you did not had the chance to visit us in person our online virtual tours are the next best
thing. Take a virtual tour of our lodge to see our great facilities and get a feel for what it’s like to be a guest here.

Our virtual guided tours let you see the places that help define and distinguish TikiVillas place among the Costa Rica’s top rainforest lodges. The initial objective
was to build a small, boutique eco lodge committed to the environment and the local community. We would like to invite you to see if we accomplished it!

Explore our vibrant restaurant through our virtual tour. The Jungle Blue Restaurant reflects our passion for local, simple, tasty and freshly prepared meals. We strive to
use where possible, organic, seasonal, locally sourced produce. This includes free range chicken, responsibly caught seafood, grass-fed pasture beef, local farmers
market vegetables & fruits.

Take a step further and explore our infinity pool through our virtual tour available. We are totally committed to sustainability. The open-air floor plans and
extensive use of natural materials allow our guests to feel part of the nature contained within our private rainforest reserve.

When you are finished step into the bungalows. Try to imagine how is it to wake up in the middle of the rainforest with views and sounds like these, or fall
asleep cradled by the sounds of the ocean in one of our spacious villas built 120 meters above the Pacific Ocean. From this vantage point you can take full advantage
of the stunning sea & coastal views and refreshing pacific breeze.

In our gallery you
can see the unique local landscapes such as the rainforest and the ocean extraordinary views. Well, just in case you want to find out more about our special offers signup
to get inform and book your next travel deal now, online, to save

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