TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for TikiVillas Rainforest Lodge

What could be better than being acknowledged for a job well done? Therefore, we would like to share our accomplishments with all those who have contributed to each
success. The awards we’ve won represent our commitment and dedication to the customers we serve and the industry we are part of.

TikiVillas Rainforest Lodge is the #2 TripAdvisor-rated small hotels in Uvita, Costa Rica. Come see why guests rate us so well time and time again. We look
forward to having you with us… by the pool… at TikiVillas Rainforest Lodge.

Tripadvisor Certificate of excellence for TikiVillas Rainforest Lodge

Here are just a few appreciations from the latest reviews:

  • We dined at purportedly the finest restaurants in the country but no restaurant we ate at could hold compare to the Jungle Blue Restaurant, found at Tiki Villas. The
    chef there is truly world class and offers a fare which would be a hit anywhere on earth… We found everything to our liking. The rooms, the staff and the food were
    equivalent to anything I have ever experienced at five star establishments anywhere on earth… If you want the vacation of a lifetime try TikiVillas Rainforest Lodge,
    you’ll be glad you did. Sal B.
  • I will definitely go back some time as it is truly a place where you can disconnect with the outside, small, intimate, relaxing! Hope to go back soon! Francisco S.
  • Everything was neat and trimmed but fit in with the surrounding rainforest….Then we would open the wall of folding doors to watch the Pacific get brighter and brighter.
    What a spectacular view! Diana S
  • The location was amazing, nature right next to your porch. The room was really big with a big closet and a king size bed. The receptionist was extremely nice and helped
    us with everything. The food and beverages were also really good and satisfying. esheffex
  • PABLO. We would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his kindness and outstanding service he provided us with during our stay. In addition to helping us with
    planning the remainder of our trip, he also gave us loads of tips regarding what is worth seeing (and eating) in the Uvita area. Without a shadow of a doubt, the most
    congenial and positive person we had the pleasure of meeting during our Honeymoon in Costa Rica. Thank You! Tomer T
  • I cannot begin to say enough about how beautiful this resort was..Utepi
  • The service is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Ambermarie 1187

Thank you for being our valued customers. We are grateful for the pleasure of serving you and meeting your desires. Being rated as “EXCELLENT” by 204 travelers out of 227
reviews make us feel appreciated and encouraged to keep up the work we are doing.

TikiVillas Rainforest Lodge is consistently ranked in the top 25 Small Hotels in the country of Costa Rica as you can see here:

Tripadvisor Top 25 small hotels in Costa Rica

What we offer:

  • Surrounded by our lush rainforest landscaping, TikiVillas Rainforest
    is all about relaxing, putting your feet up and enjoying a vacation escape.
  • Whether you spend a tranquil day around our pool or head out to
    explore the rainforest, we have everything you need for a fun-filled vacation getaway.
  • If romance is on your mind, savor a quiet dinner
    for two with a late night dip in the spa.
  • What we offer is an idyllic setting, great accommodations
    and unrivaled service. Feel welcomed to come for a short visit and tour or stay for a week and enjoy life like never before.