Plan your Perfect Honeymoon

Few things in life are more romantic and unique than your honeymoon. Choosing the perfect place to relax and enjoy each other can sometimes become overwhelming. It is so important to go somewhere peaceful, relaxing, fun, and intimate, because Happily ever after begins here!

Perfect honeymoon in Costa Rica

Therefore, let’s make a short list of WANTS when talking about your perfect honeymoon:

1. The destination should be:

  • peacefull,
  • relaxing,
  • intimate,
  • elegant.

2. The surroundings should have:

  • beach,
  • mountain,
  • relaxing activities,
  • fun activities,
  • adventure activities,
  • shops,
  • stunning views.

3. The facility should provide access to:

  • a SPA,
  • a restaurant,
  • a pool,
  • concierge services,
  • luxurious accommodations.

If you have some experience about planning a luxury honeymoon, one that will be remembered not only by you and your spouse, but by other friends, please help me complete this list of be’s:

  • Be prepare for experiencing new things with the love of your life.
  • Be flexible and do not overbook your staying there.
  • Be relaxed and active in the same time.
  • Be original and choose a destination that can achieve your dreams, and not your friends.
  • Be informed and assume that what many people have complaint over and over it is a valid issue.

If you’re searching for the perfect destination for you and your sweetheart, take a look at TikiVillas Rainforest Lodge, the perfect jungle and beach getaway. Couples and honeymooners can immerse themselves in our 13 acres of private rainforest reserve and lush tropical gardens with close access to miles of deserted beaches and jungle trails.

This honeymoon is perfect for the couple who really can’t decide between a beach on honeymoon or an action adventure honeymoon. It is the ideal location from where to explore an amazing and unique tropical paradise.

Spectacular location, brilliant services can all be yours if you book the honeymoon of your dreams today!