Plan Your Dream Vacation in Costa Rica

Probably traveling in exotic places or just having a dream vacation is one of your New Years’ Resolutions. If you’re looking for an unforgettable vacation filled with fascinating and unique experiences, Costa Rica is the ideal destination. And since we are just at the beginning of the year, let’s take a look of some steps that can help anyone to pay attention to many considerations that go into planning a vacation: timing, weather, activities, budget and preferred travel method. Believe it or not, even the planning process can be an enjoyable one, so let’s start:


Vacation ideas are various these days, and many are those that can help you relax and enjoy nature and good company. Costa Rica is the ideal place for people seeking rest and relaxation mixed in with adventure and a superb natural setting. An idyllic location surrounded by the wild, natural beauty characteristic of Costa Rica’s. Translated as the “rich coast”, Costa Rica is definitely rich in natural beauty and fabulous experiences. Kissed by the sapphire Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, this tropical destination is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, natural parks and tropical rain forest.

Vacation in Costa Rica

Dream Vacation Desires

Make a list with things you’d like to include in your dream vacation:

  • places,
  • activities you like,
  • people,
  • date and duration,
  • anything else that will make your vacation special.


Establish your budget and don’t forget to take into account:

  • airplane, cruise tickets, or/and bus fare,
  • hotel expenses,
  • travel insurance,
  • clothing,
  • food,
  • attraction / activities entry fees,
  • sports equipment,
  • cameras/film,
  • souvenirs,
  • unexpected expenses,
  • tips.

Research, research, research

This will take awhile, but is the most important step in planning your dream vacation. Research online and flip through travel books and tour catalogues to find the best intersection between your desires and budget. Write down three or four potential itineraries. For example, if you’re dreaming of a quiet, relaxing vacation with sun and some adventure activities, and your budget is $7,000, an all-inclusive lodge in the middle of the rainforest may suit your tastes and budget. Find three places that might be appropriate. For a vacation filled with sports find three locations that can offer you water activities near the ocean, as well as climbing activities in the rainforest. Research the reviews of those places as your life depends on it, because it does. Read as many as you need to feel comfortable, and if at all possible speak to someone who has used or stayed in the same place. Here you will find answers for some of your FAQ.

Narrow down the lists

Write down your options on only one list and don’t forget the dates and times, and information you’ve found about interesting attractions on each potential itinerary. Take your time and sleep on it for a bit, or consult friends and family. Ask as many questions as you feel comfortable about each location. Share what you’ve learned with potential travel companions. Over time, the best option should surface for you. This is the step that needs time, therefore start planning ahead of time is very important in achieving your dream vacation. Also needs attention, because sometimes important things about a place is written in small letters!

Book your dream vacation

Only now, with total peace of mind, book your vacation. Check to make sure that:

  • the hotel reservations and transportation tickets cover the same days,
  • the sights you wish to see will be open during the time period
  • all the links between places are filled
  • the health state of all participates is good,
  • the destination in not in the news for some unexpected happening.

Packing list

Take your time and create a packing list based on your destination’s weather and your preferred activities. Start buying the new things you will need and make arrangements for the house and pets you will leave behind.

Enjoy your dream vacation

Savor the vacation you’ve plan so carefully for a long time. Enjoy the nature and don’t try to do everything in one vacation. Travel slowly, building down time into your itinerary. Take advantage of beauty and companion you have around you!